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How to setup Hyundai&Kia GDS VCI Trigger module/ Flight reco
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How to setup Hyundai&Kia GDS VCI Trigger module/ Flight reco

Connect the Hyundai and Kia VCI module to vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC)/OBD port
Turn ignition ON
Power up GDS PC
Select vehicle model, year and system
Select “Vehicle Information” Tab
Select “Data Analysis”
Current DTCs will be shown in the DTC program on the bottom half of the Current Data screen.
All these are real-time data

You are able to download and save file to GDS PC after VCI module complete its recording.
Connect the VCI module with computer/PC via USB cable or wireless communication.
Select the “Flight Record”
Select “Data Copy From VCI” and locate a folder to save the file

Select “Data Review” on ride side of the screen once the date has been copied
In order to choose the correct one, the date and time of recording
shows on the screen as you roll the cursor over each file name. It also
may be helpful to note the file name at the time that you save the
recording to the PC. Double-click on the desired file and it will open
the Data Review window and show the recorded data in graph mode.
You can exchange between Current Data view and graph view with the
button to the right of the navigation buttons above the graph.

In order to change the components under graphic view or Current Data
review from the recording, click on the “Items List” button to the right
above the graph. A full list of components will appear.
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